Homes that speak to us

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By Maggie Catchick-Houghton
Mackinac Journal

July 2011 —

Time, geography, people and events uniquely shape each community. It is the combination of the individual pieces—houses and yards, stores and public buildings, trees and sidewalks, streets and alleys—that form the community’s overall character. The primary reason for establishing local historic districts is to manage how change occurs in a designated area to ensure that as much of the original character as possible remains intact.
~Michigan State Housing Development Authority

Cheboygan is more than a spot on a map or a series of intersecting streets. A home is more than bricks or wood and the nails, mortar and screws that hold it together. A community and the homes we find there come complete with the history of times gone by and the whisper of souls who once worked, played, lived and died there.

It is precisely with this understanding that the Historic Resources Commission for the City of Cheboygan was established in 2002 with its stated purpose of "safeguarding the heritage of Cheboygan." Since that time, fourteen properties have been registered in the Historic Resources Plaque Program to preserve and document the rich history of this community.

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