Dealing with the snows of winters past

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It seems hard to believe, but after a warm summer and an incredible start to the fall, temperatures are gradually cooling down outside and the days are getting shorter.  The leaves are nearly gone, and pumpkin pies and apple cider have appeared in many of our homes.  It can only mean one thing – fall is here and winter is on its way.  

Winter, of course, has always been a part of life here.  The changes in the seasons may seem dramatic to us (from 90 degree days in the summer, to days with wind chills of -20), but it has always been something that those of us who live here have to deal with.  But how we have handled extremes in winter weather has changed dramatically throughout the decades.

I have heard many a longtime resident say, “we don’t get the snow around here like we used to.”  Even I remember there being much more snow when I was younger.  Looking at photographs of the area from times past we should have no reason to doubt this.  We really did get more snow then!  
In the early days of Cheboygan and the straits area, dealing with the snow would have been a real challenge.  
Lacking snowplows or any other modern conveniences, the bulk of snow removal would have been done by hand.  In the streets, large rollers pulled by horses compacted the snow to provide a surface that could at least be walked on, though by no means did it remove the snow.  

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